We are a CREATIVE Web Design and Development Studio


We have passion for what we do

You work hard. Whether running a small business, hosting a festival, or promoting your artwork, there’s plenty on your plate. You know the importance of a strong website and online presence, but the process feels like an uphill battle. Contemplating SEO? Coding HTML? SOS!

That’s when we step in.

When you work with Handcut Designs, you get more than an effective website. You get a website that fits your lifestyle. With the goal of mutual understanding, we design a site incorporating your unique needs while explaining its mechanics in layman’s terms. In the end, you’ll gain time-saving skills along with a finished product that doesn’t require a degree in advanced computer science to maintain.

Why We Are Your Best Option

Because digital marketing doesn’t need to be difficult

All too often, innovative design is framed as a lofty concept; comprehensible only to advanced designers and developers. We believe high-tech ideas – when presented in plain speech – are not only accessible, but fascinating. To us, creativity and business strategy go hand-in-hand. We strive to journey alongside our clients, both educating and being educated. Each new project continues our growth as creative professionals while adding to our shared arsenal of common sense strategies. Through collaboration, we simultaneously benefit our clients and extend our understanding of the world outside our office door.

What we do

Web design and development
Graphic design
Copy and content writing
Critique and analysis
Logo design
Social media management
Blog management
Print media
Campaign design and development




I will provide the logo files for the website ($0)
I need a professional logo design for the website ($500)
Please download the application request to design a professional logo:
I will provide all the text for the website ($0)
I'd like you to write all the content for the website ($75 per page) ($500)
I will provide all images for the website ($0)
I'd like you to select and purchase stock images ($100)
I need you to take photographs ($250)


Blog or latest news section, where I can post regular articles ($100)
Newsletter/mailing list signup form (e.g. Mailchimp) ($200)
Portfolio, image or video gallery ($150)
Ecommerce, Paypal, Shopify or Woo commerce (needs quote) ($500)
Social media options such as displaying your latest tweets on the website or auto-tweeting your blog posts, Facebook, Instagram... ($150)
Auto-post to Twitter or Facebook ($150)
Forms and/or calculators (like this one) ($250)
Banner slideshow ($100)


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