Eyebrows are raising all over the Web. Amazon, which has been rumored to be working on a 3D smartphone for months, could officially debut a new handset in just a few weeks. The company is hosting a device unveiling event on June 18 in Seattle, and anyone can request an invitation right from Amazon.


 Amazon is teasing the product in a new video, which shows a handful of beta testers reacting enthusiastically to an off-screen device. Some of the users can be seen swaying side-to-side while using the gadget, giving weight to the rumor that Amazon’s smartphone will  sport advanced eye-tracking technology that creates glasses-free 3D images via four cameras. Using this tech, users may be able to see everything from wallpapers to street maps in 3D, with each application changing based on the viewer’s perspective.

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Those same sensors will reportedly allow for tilt gestures, which will enable users to navigate between apps and menus by simply moving the phone in different directions.

Glasses-free 3D has never been done on a smartphone, and Amazon needs to make sure the feature doesn’t overly strain the eyes of people who will be staring at their handset all day. The company is expected to launch two different models of its phone, so it’s possible we’ll see a non-3D variation. We’re curious if Amazon will include an off switch for 3D as Nintendo did with the 3DS.

Amazon’s upcoming device unveiling is different than most major smartphone reveals, as those events are typically announced via private invites within the industry and media. CEO Jeff Bezos must be feeling extra confident in what his company has in store, as the registration website welcomes customers, developers and journalists to fill out a form in hopes of being selected for the June 18 announcement.