Chavas Tacos – Mexican Food

Chava’s Tacos El Original is a Mexican Food Restaurant in the Chicago West side which is open 24hrs a day. The website was created on Wix because it allows the client to update their own site without depending on any one else. Photographed the food menu as well Visit:


Proimage Chicago Signs was created on Wix taking advantage of the SEO tools they offer, it gave us the liberty to be creative with our design. Finetuning the niche market Proimage specializes in is an ongoing effort both of SEO management and client interaction through the website and other social media platforms. We also developed […]


The Greek Corner Gyros restaurant is a staple of Ukrainian Village in Chicago, having been there for over 20 years. They had a 1 page site on SquareSpace and an online store with all the traditional services of GrubHub and others. They decided it was too expensive and the services had lots of complaints so […]


TEJANOS CHICAGO started out as a Wix website with online ordering but when the restaurant acquired a Clover POS system the site move to WordPress. The plan was to expand the site with a calendar of events and a video blog from events, classes and more but the pandemic didn’t allow. So now the site […]

Corazon y Botella – Bar & Mezcaleria

Corazon y Botella is a Bar and Mezcaleria in Augsburg, Germany and it imports and sells “El Rey Zapoteco” mezcal in their online store. The restaurant is still to open as soon as conditions allow but their food menu is just teasing the locals for Antojitos Mexicanos or small bites. Since the site and its […]

J&D General Construction – Website

J&D General Construction is a company based in Chicago that specializes in concrete pouring projects in the Midwest area. The website was created on the Wix platform and features a chat window that lets the owner interact with live visitors on the site. Visit:  


THE 5th POSITION is the personal website of professional ballet dancer Victoria Vargas. A unique method that helps athletes better recover from any type of muscle injury by naturally awakening the body awareness. Visitor can schedule a free introductory Body Awareness class or sign up for a full training program in person or online, depending […]

7 Best Web Designer Platforms to Ease Your Work

What’s the best web design platform? Well, “best” is in the eye of the beholder; it really depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want your website design to be simple? Do you need a lot of plugins? Are you a beginner, an expert, or someone who needs to build a site in a […]

Visual Color Guide For Your Logo Design

The face or logo of your business must increase the perceptiveness of your customers and translate into business sense for you. You don’t want a face screaming, “Pass!” Your logo color dictates how consumers identify your brand. Here’s a visual color guide for your logo design. Simplicity is the Best Policy First, adopt simplicity when […]

HS Realty Partners

This was a great website to build because of the people I worked with, they were amazing a super nice and had all the information for the website always as promised. We created the site on Wix having moved from Weebly, this gave us more liberty with the design and general feel but most importantly it is the right platform for them where it is easy to update and management is very friendly.

Unicarriers America Microsite

This was a microsite for Unicarriers Americas for the Forklift Industry Summit 3 day event in October 2018. It was created in a WordPress platform and integrates a 3rd party calendar management service  specific for this event and lists all important details about the sponsors, activities and speakers among many others. [device][/device]  

The Fermi Paradox

Where Are All The Aliens? Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens?

Bootstrap Tutorial

What is bootstrap Setting up bootstrap Bootstrap Grid System Bootstrap 3 grid classes Bootstrap grid column offset Bootstrap nested rows and columns Bootstrap image gallery Bootstrap 3 responsive utility classes Bootstrap typography Bootstrap paragraphs Bootstrap blockquotes and lists

Chatham Center Chicago

CCC’s website was created by another firm and on switching contracts had to replicate and improve on the original design. Also another great example of how a WordPress website, when used correctly, meets the needs and workflow of an non for profit organization. With a beautifully curated home page slider that gets updated all the […]


A microsite for a new line of service truck the Vactor 2100i.   Visit project here

Shop! Assiciation

Shop! Association grew from a single site into many other interconnected sites, the challenge was to reorganize the content to create a more seamless experience and unified branding following the color palette> The original website was built with WordPress and it is the best solution for a dynamic group pf constant participants posting all sorts […]

Marcos Raya Website

I am very proud to have this website as part of my portfolio. Marcos Raya is an artist that emerged from the Chicano movement from the 70’s in Pilsen but that has evolved with time and some might say beyond his time with his techno fetishistic style that so identifies him. Also this is one […]

The Anatomy of a Website – What it should have.

50 Features Small Business Websites Must Have I some times come across this great infographics that can be very practical or very beautiful. This one is quite the first one because it shows all the different elements to consider when creating a website, both for the designer and the client. I think this “map” is […]

Fever for Health

Fever for Health is the website of Milena Kali, a health coach based in Chicago  and online.

Tech Thursdays 2017

TECH THURSDAYS Chicago is an annual business owners workshop and curriculum series presenting practical technology solutions to help business owners advertise, accelerate and manage the growth of their small businesses. This year I had the honor of presenting the “Better Website Design & Management” and the “Creating & Managing an Online Store” for which presentation […]

Barra N – Redesign

Website redesign and change of platform from WordPress to IMXPRS, this is easier for updating since the restaurant will not be posting articles and does not need a fully functional blog this solution make most sense and it is quite easy to update. This redesign has presents the information in larger and bolder fonts that […]

Havana Restaurant Chicago – Redesign

Havana Restaurant was created in the drag-and-drop IMXPRS mainly because it is way easier for the client to update on their own. I stil;l do it for them though…

30+ Sites For Free Images with Commercial Use

Finding images that you can use online can be ridiculous. People throw around the term “royalty-free” and many people automatically believe that “oh, it’s royalty-free. I can use it however I want.” THAT IS NOT THE CASE Royalty-free simply means that you don’t have to pay a license fee every time you use the image. […]

Website Themes

Photography Themes: PANAMA, Fotografia, Heat, Duo, Bedford Blog Style TheArtist, BeatStone, Recital. Modern NewArt, Virtuoso, Wave, Artistas Artistic Artists, OneDesign, Huntt Classic TheCurator, Original PILE, Creek