Contract of works for Web Design

Between Designer’s Name at Company Name and Customer’s name Summary We will always do our best to fulfil your needs and meet your goals, but sometimes it is best to have a few simple things written down so that we both know what is what, who should do what and what happens if things go […]

Thought Program

Thought Elevators Quickstart Guide Thought Elevators Quickstart Guide :- Download PDF Thought Elevators Quickstart Guide :- Download MP3 Achieve Your Goals Masterclass Achieve Your Goals Masterclass :- Download PDF Achieve Your Goals Masterclass :- Download MP3 Thought Elevators Videos Accelerated Learning :- Download Video Anxiety and Stress :- Download Video Business Success :- Download Video […]

Contrato de website en Español

Contrato de Diseño de un Sitio Web un Sistema Informático Acordado entre Usted [Nombre del cliente] y nosotros, [Nuestra Empresa] Resumen: Siempre haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para cumplir con sus expectativas y satisfacer sus necesidades, pero es importante tener las cosas escritas para que ambos sepamos qué es qué, quién debería hacer qué y cuándo […]

Codigo QR

E l código QR (Quick Response Barcode) es un código bidimensional con una matriz diseñada para un escaneo rápido de información, creado en 1994 por Denso Wave empresa de origen Japones. El código QR es de forma cuadrada y puede ser fácilmente identificado por su patrón de cuados oscuros y claros en tres de las esquinas del símbolo, […]

Folklore Argentine Grill

Case Report Folklore is an Argentinian restaurant with choice beef cuts of a traditional Argentine grill and atmosphere right in the heart of Wicker Park. The redesign of their website now allows them to manage their menu and are able to add or change their specials and to promote their events really easy. Visit Here […]

Hession Associates

Case Report Hession & Associates LTD is a boutique law firm that provides full general counsel legal services to you and your business, from formation to continuing operations to exit strategy.  Their original website was a few years old and needed a refresh of code and layout. Now they have the ability to do their own […]

Flexible Services

Case Report Flexible Services is a family-owned construction company specializing in residential and commercial real-estate. This was a redesign of a single page to multiple pages and sub-pages of services and memberships. Services used: Web design WordPress Copyright Information Planning

Case Report Global CASA/LACASA is the publishing company of Marc Zimmerman from the University of Texas. It was created to support the most recent book in publishing which is in the form of a website so that the hole project was complete. Services used: Web design WordPress Visit Site

Mimi Zaphiratos Art

Case Report The portfolio for artist Mimi Zaphiratos, her incredible work includes paintings, apparel and porcelain. We created an ETSY store to go with her website. Services used: Web design WordPress Photography Etsy Store Business Cards Logo Design Visit Site

Sahara Windows & Doors

Case Report This was a project to move and revamp the site, make it look like their other website American Thermal but changing the color scheme to green [bra_button text=”Launch website »” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”small” style=”” color=”orange”] Services used: [bra_list style=”star-list”] Web design WordPress Slider Graphic Design [/bra_list]

Green Beginnings

Case Report Green Beginnings is a Child Care and Early Development Center in the Chicago. They already had a logo and a color scheme for their identity and were just missing the website. We created it in a WordPress platform for easy access and also made a mobile version. The site uses Grease Monkey Forms […]

Aerstone Business Cards

Te materials may vary from transparent plastic to metallic paper (as in the last set) to the thickness and the texture. Comp 1 Comp 2 Comp 3 Comp 4

Inti Raymi

Series of presentations for 2012 for Pachacamak Folk Dance

Windows & Mac Common Fonts.

Windows fonts / Mac fonts / Font family Normal style Arial, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif Arial Black, Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif Comic Sans MS, Comic Sans MS5, cursive Courier New, Courier New, monospace Georgia1, Georgia, serif Impact, Impact5, Charcoal6, sans-serif Lucida Console, Monaco5, monospace Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande, sans-serif Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua3, Palatino, serif […]

Bullhead Cantina

Case Report Bullhead Cantina is a Taco & Whisky Bar in Humboldt Park in Chicago. The website uses a single page to show all its pages. An extensive gallery-menu for whiskys, and beautiful images by Bogdan Nastase. [bra_button text=”Launch website »” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”small” style=”” color=”orange”] Services used: [bra_list style=”star-list”] Web design WordPress Photography Dynamic […]

Sittercity’s Compendium

Click on the image for a larger view HOME PAGE Comp #2: Home page & Article page First comp here: Comp 01

JK Imaging Craft Website

Case Report JK Imaging and Crafts is a Fine Arts, Giclee Printing and High Quality Crafts company serving the artists and arts lover community in Chicago IL. [bra_button text=”Launch website »” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”small” style=”” color=”orange”] Services used: [bra_list style=”star-list”] Web design WordPress Galleries Business Cards Logo Design [/bra_list]

Pachacamak Folk Dance

Case Report PACHACAMAC FOLK is an Ecuadorian folk dance troupe in Chicago. The website represent the culture with a rich fabric of colors traditional from the Andes and the photography supports this in every page. The logo design by Erin Brown Services used: Web design WordPress Photography Galleries Business Cards Logo Design Visit Site

CBMT Creative

Case Report CBMT is a creative agency website specializing in photography and other digital services. The photography is very good and it talk for itself. Photography by Chris Bernacchi Services used: Web design WordPress Photography Business Cards Logo Design Business Card Proposal Design 2 Two variants on the same design, header and footer. Design 1 […]

Azam Chandran Attorneys

Case Report Azam Chandran & Gilani LLP are top level commercial lawyers with headquarters at 333 North Michicagan Avenue, an art deco skyscraper downtown Chicago. The website took about 3 months to complete. Corporate identity development meant designing their logo and/or header, their website, business cards, letterheads and fax cover-sheets. They like the 1st design I proposed and it […]


Case Report Aerstone provides cybersecurity-related services and products to medium and large organizations in the financial services, legal, and health-care markets. Development for this site was an intense week coming up with a minimalist yet corporate design and then a single weekend crush to put it online, the good part is that Micah, the customer, […]

Tres Caballos Tequila

Case Report Tres Caballos Tequila is a custom made tequila of high quality specifically produced and bottled in Mexico for consumption in the US. GIMA International distributes. The website mirrors the product in its minimalist and elegant design elements. Visit Site Services used: Web design WordPress Photography Artwork Design 02 Design 01

Pilsen Portal

Case Report Pilsen Portal is a project of the Pilsen Planning Committee and is part of the Smart Communities Program, sponsored by LISC Chicago and City of Chicago’s Digital Excellence Initiative. The Portal is managed by the Resurrection Project and funded through the Federal Technology Broadband Opportunity. Worked in developing a workflow for the administrators and contributors of the site to reinforce the […]

Latino Fashion Week

Case Report “By Latinos, For Everyone.” Latino Fashion Week (LFW) Nov. 1-6; the only full week dedicated to Latino Fashion in the United States. Services used: Website management Hosting Backup Troubleshoot  

Smoke and the Chickpea

Case Report Caramelized rock & roll, smoked jazz, slow roasted blues, and pan seared soul with a dash of country. These are the simple ingredients to making Smoke and the Chickpea. This Chicago based quintet debuts in the summer of 2011 bringing a new twist to classics such as “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Summertime”, as well […]