Five Reasons Why Freelancers Should Have A Contract For Every Job

Five Reasons Why Freelancers Should Have A Contract For Every Job

  1. A contract can help to assure that both you and the client agree on the terms of the project and the nature of the work.
  2. A contract clearly spells out payment terms, due date, number of revisions, and the answers to numerous other questions that might arise during the course of the project.
  3. A contract may provide legal protection for both the client and the freelancer.
  4. A contract clearly conveys that you are a professional running a business and that you are serious about your work.
  5. A contract protects the freelancer from changes in the scope of work and the client from work that doesn’t meet the contractual requirements.

Five Reasons Why Freelancers Don’t Need A Contract For Every Job

  1. Some jobs are too small for a contract to be practical. Writing a specific contract for the job could take longer than takes to do the work and cost more than the project is worth.
  2. Business is based on trust. A client who violates the terms of an informal agreement will probably also violate the terms of a contract.
  3. Requiring a contract for every freelance project may cause you to lose some clients who don’t want to go to the trouble of signing a formal agreement.
  4. Waiting for a contract to be finalized can delay the start of a project.
  5. Some freelancers don’t have the expertise or knowledge to create their own contract and don’t want to pay the price for a contract drawn up by an attorney.


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