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Google Tasks sidebar in Gmail

RightTasks for Gmail is an extension for Chrome, which adds your Google Tasks to a sidebar in Gmail.

Google Calendar has this feature by default, and allows you to have your Google Tasks visible in a sidebar, on the right side of the calendar. Since it’s so handy, people have been asking for the same feature in Gmail for, at least, as long as it’s been available in Calendar.

The default Tasks widget available in Gmail, when activated, is placed above everything else, so you have to keep opening and closing it, to not get in the way of your work.

Adds your Google Tasks to a right sidebar in Gmail, like in Google Calendar.

RightTasks places your Google Tasks in a right sidebar in Gmail, like in Google Calendar.

This is especially useful if you keep Gmail open and want to see your tasks at all times.

You can use all the features available in the official tasks widget, such as:
* “Create a task based on the open message”, which you can use from the “More > Add to Tasks” menu or with the “SHIFT + T” keyboard shortcut while viewing an email
* The “G then K” keyboard shortcut, which shifts the cursor from Gmail to Tasks.


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