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  1. Okay here we go. final of the finalist edits (we hope)

    I HEART T-Shirt:
    location: Centered
    Use latest design you sent Eric
    2 screens necessary
    small screen heart 5″ at the widest part of heart
    large screen heart 9″ at the widest part of the heart

    CHICAGO w/ neighborhoods T-Shirt
    location: flush left
    Size: CHICAGO 17″ Tall
    **we need to see design with just line representing the skyline of Chicago for approval.

    MAP T-Shirt
    One large screen 32″ tall X 25″ wide (will use screen for all shirts so the middle area of 25″tall X 14″ wide is the smallest area seen on a single shirt, Make sure silver room is in this area.)

    Neighborhoods to be included:
    Westtown, Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, Bucktown, Humbolt Park, Logan Square.

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