Tech Thursdays 2017

TECH THURSDAYS Chicago is an annual business owners workshop and curriculum series presenting practical technology solutions to help business owners advertise, accelerate and manage the growth of their small businesses.

This year I had the honor of presenting the “Better Website Design & Management” and the “Creating & Managing an Online Store” for which presentation I used the following Info-graphics that you can view here.

Better Website Design & Management

In spite of its relatively short history, web design is now a fully developed science, complete with a vast quantity of information both newbie and experienced designers should learn. Here at Awwwards, we like to think we know a bit about web design, and when it comes to learning, we like to do it visually. Instead of sending you off to battle big boring blocks of text, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting and useful infographics on web design – both theory and practice. So sit back and get ready to learn tons of new things simply by clicking through our selection of colorful graphics.

Creating & Managing an Online Store

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