A look at the top 10 free open-source apps available on all of the major platforms including Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, and all other forms of Linux.
Download links are found below!

1. Chromium http://goo.gl/iIBh9
2. Thunderbird http://goo.gl/k04pA
3. Pidgin http://goo.gl/wnVc
4. Gimp http://goo.gl/9UJx
5. Handbrake http://goo.gl/r6O1
6. VLC http://goo.gl/oRNqK
7. qBittorrent http://goo.gl/1tDf
8. Clementine http://goo.gl/w6u93
9. LibreOffice http://goo.gl/w8FYm
10. Audacity http://goo.gl/Nw8b

Firefox http://goo.gl/7ICv2
XBMC http://goo.gl/doA9
Evernote http://goo.gl/dG2H8
& Everpad https://github.com/nvbn/everpad
Spotify https://www.spotify.com/download
Skype http://goo.gl/9Q354