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Ultimate Restaurant Website Design Guide: Forget About Diet Constantly

TOTAL MEMBERS: 202,145+1stWebDesignerNumber One Community For People Who Design The WebSTART HEREBLOGSERVICESABOUTCONTRIBUTEADVERTISEPEOPLECONTACTUltimate Restaurant Website Design Guide To Make People Forget About Diet ConstantlyFacebookTwitter+Get a large mug of coffee and brace yourself for a guidebook that you will be forced to bookmark. Dining out with families or friends has jumped up exponentially with the growth of working eggheads. And all of us are aware of the reach of Internet in our day-to-day lives. It is this reach of Internet into the life of customers that has forced restaurants to rethink their online strategies. I won’t be surprised to see a restaurant with its own social media marketing team. After all we proudly spend more time on social media instead of sitting down with our families and watching T.V. Anyways, let us leave the social media debate for some other day.Today, we are here to ripoff the restaurant website design trends and make sure that this guide will be all that you will need if you plan to have your next restaurant website design. I will present with every possible details and resources that a webmaster would require while kicking-off the next restaurant website design. So, gear up!As I indicated before, this is going to be a lengthy article. So, here is a quick Table of Contents so that you are on track all the time:Why are Restaurant Websites Scary?Astonishing Statistics.Your Own Jaw Dropping Design!Single Page Restaurant Designs.Restaurant Website Builders.Awards for the Best Restaurant Websites.Who would want to see the photograph of a chef on the home page of a restaurant website? Are you, as a customer, interested to know how the staff of a restaurant looks like? Of course not! We jump onto a restaurant website to find out the menu of the restaurant, get an idea of the ambiance of that restaurant, the prices, location and similar features. Who wants to know if the chef of a restaurant can give good autographs?Visitors can tolerate a website that has not been designed for over 5 years if the current layout is already helping them find out what they are looking for.Facts (that should be strictly ignored) that a usual restaurant website shouts out loud to its visitors:How the chef sniffs the oil.How they hire their staff.How the surroundings of the restaurant better than the restaurant.How the manager is the most friendly human being on this planet.Hot models (tagged as customers) busy stuffing food into each other’s faces.A letter from the owner that no one ever wants to read.Address or phone number is present in flash format so you cannot copy it.A soothing background music on the website that plays forever usually forcing the visitor to fall asleep.Facts (that should be pushed on the website) that are usually ignored on restaurant websites:The menu in detail.The price.Ongoing offers.Original (and latest) photographs.The location (with a link to Google maps).The timings.Parking information.Advance booking options (that works).Do you understand what I want you to understand? Restaurant websites try their best to look “cool” and in between all this they tend to forget whatever their website visitors are looking for.Website visitors look for information NOT for flash. They want to know how your restaurant looks like not how your chef looks like. Show some sense, please!To start with I will let the numbers do the talking. In no time you will understand how restaurants are leveraging on the advantages of a website and how there is still more room for improvement:Founder of Happy Tables reveals the importance of mobile optimization and the percentage of visits that restaurant websites get from such mobile devices.According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing delivers a $51.45 return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent.Consumers from North East and Pacific Coast between the age of 25 to 45 are said to take lead in researching a restaurant online before opting for the same.A research done by Palore explains the percentage of restaurants that have a website as per various major cities. Boston with 33% leads the chart.Over one third consumers prefer to read online reviews before opting for a restaurant.Around 50% of consumers use search engine to find a restaurant. (via AIS Media)Around one third of the consumers want pricing to be precisely correct on restaurant websites. (via Dining Grader)Enough text to prove the fact that the restaurant website designs of today are lacking that spark which will twinkle in the eyes of the visitor the moment the website opens. Now, I will list down some of the imperative pointers that must be taken care of while working on a restaurant website design. Read these carefully. These pointers can make or break your restaurant website design!Turn OFF the background music – Oh please! I know your taste in music is simply awesome but do you realize that it might not match with the rest of your visitors? Moreove

Source: Ultimate Restaurant Website Design Guide: Forget About Diet Constantly


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