WordPress is a modern Content Management System giving web users the power to control and produce both online blogs and websites on their own.

WordPress has become the blogging platform of choice for many users all over the world for the following six reasons alone.

If you take a minute to read through these points, they will surely help you see just how WordPress can be perceived by so many as a great blogging software!

  1. WordPress is free. Wordpress is an open source software, meaning it is free for the public to download, install, use, and improve. With this software, there is no need to spend money having people setup, or even design, your site.
  2. WordPress is easy. After installation, the website/blog can be maintained all by logging into the site dashboard. Simply install the software, choose a template, find a few fancy plugins, and fill in the gaps with content and your blog is ready for the world! A clearly organized back-end takes the stress out of website construction.
  3. WordPress is versatile. WordPress was initially made for blog sites, but many users have found that the easy-to-manage software also helps to create normal websites. In order to do so, just create pages instead of posts for whatever information you want to display. Whether you are a business selling products, a photographer displaying your favorite shots, or a writer displaying published works, WordPress can be the software for you!
  4. WordPress is fresh. Since it is an open source software, users all over the world constantly contribute fixes, themes, plugins, and updates. Because of these additions, the software always stays fresh, meaning you won’t have to search out other options a few years down the road. WordPress is not going anywhere, so unpack the tools that will help keep your site going for years to come.
  5. WordPress is streamlined. The beauty of the WordPress Content Management System is that once you get the stylesheet and the template files configured, there is no mess or hassle when wanting to add another page or blog post. To make it even easier, the WordPress dashboard contains all the tools to manage your site in a organized fashion, so even the most web-unfriendly person can maintain his or her own blog site without the headache.
  6. WordPress is supported. Have a problem? Don’t worry! Chances are others have had problems just like you. WordPress is a software built and managed by a team of volunteers around the globe. If you can’t find the help you need on the WordPress Web Hosting site, then chances are you will be able to find what you need here.



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